Im Anna.

I'm sooo so happy and excited you're here!!! First and foremost, I love my job because I simply love, capturing the sweetest moments in life whether it be your big day, you just got engaged, your family is growing, or you just want some super cute photos! I love having a blast with each one of my clients while capturing their love in every way possible!! There are so many things that I love in this life- I'm a mama and it's simply the best title and thing ever, I'm a wife, I simply love every kind of chocolate, I'm obsessed with coffee, and I love the outdoors!

Here's a little of what you can expect when you book a session with Anna Newton Photography; Besides a gallery of timeless + dreamy photos that you get the pleasure to hold onto and look back on for many years to come, booking a session with me includes an incredible experience! Your experience is first and foremost is what I value the most! I will always do my best to capture your relationship, family, and memories amongst the beautiful landscapes to highlight the things that make your life YOURS! I'll make you spin, run, dance, or make you move in some odd way and this will bring out all things that make you, YOU! Within all of these moments that we capture together that I hope you never forget the way you felt, the love between between the two of you or family, and being there in the moment by giving you the best experience possible!

I also am always your biggest hype girl behind the lens! I always want you to have fun and feel super comfortable, therefore I'll always guide you directly on poses so there's no stiffness or uncomfortableness!

I could go on about allll of things about me, but simply this experience is most importantly about you, and the experience and pictures you get to remember and cherish forever!